Intelligent Pig Farming Solution

Use artificial intelligence image recognition technology to recognize the face of pigs and establish archives to realize the "wireless, unsupervised, non-interfering, non-contacting" intelligent management mode of pig farming, effectively reducing costs and improving production efficiency

Product Solutions
  • Intelligent Patrol Robot
  • Precise Feeding
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Epidemic Surveillance
Intelligent Patrol Robot
Through intelligent patrol equipment, it can realize the functions of tracking and reporting the behavior of living bodies, and realize remote control and monitoring, reduce labor costs and achieve efficient breeding.
Real-time intelligent monitoring to keep abreast of pig farm conditions
The patrol system monitors all aspects 24 hours to detect abnormal conditions in time, therefore to avoid production losses on the farm
Accurate data analysis to provide production reference
The intelligent patrol system uses Shennong Brain to achieve real-time data update status, and processes and analyzes the data to establish an intelligent data base
Controlling monitoring costs and improving production efficiency
The use of automatic patrol machine can effectively cut labor costs and improve production efficiency
Precise Feeding
The precise feeding system can generate feeding curves based on pigs' daily age and body conditions to realize automatic feeding. It can also self-match rules to achieve regular and quantitative feeding, effectively increase the feed-to-meat ratio and reduce feed waste
Accurate grams of feed
Fine farming, feeding error is less than 50g, effectively control feed cost
Scientific feeding method
Develop a scientific feeding package to achieve a mixed state of dry and wet feed to meet the nutritional needs of pigs
Detect feed remaining state
The intelligent feeding system can detect the state of remaining feed, analyze the data and effectively control the feeding amount
Environmental Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of environmental data by deploying sensor devices, unified management, intelligent analysis, automatic adjustment, and timely reporting of early warnings, to ensure that environmental data remains in the best state
Monitor environment in real time
The control system monitors the state of the surrounding environment in real time and effectively grasps the environmental conditions of the pig farm
Accurate data detection
The control system can collect data evenly and distribute density to ensure environmental data is accurate
Abnormal emergency warning
When abnormal environmental conditions are detected, the control system automatically initiates an early warning state to adjust and ensure the pig farm environment to the most optimal state
Epidemic Surveilance
The intelligent sound recognition system uses AI voice recognition technology to comprehensively monitor the abnormal status of pigs, and combines historical disease monitored data to mine the distribution, regularity and causes of diseases, and provide effective data support for epidemic prevention and control
Sound monitoring analysis
Use AI sound recognition technology to process and analyze the sounds of pigs (cough, asthma), and find abnormal pigs in time
Monitoring pig excrement
Use AI image recognition technology to find and process abnormal pigs in time, and effectively grasp individual pig’s physical health
Analysis of pig behavioral characteristics
Utilize AI image recognition technology to monitor pig behavior changes in all directions and provide early warning of pigs’ abnormal behavior
Customer Cases
JD Agri-Husbandry, Trustworthy company!
  • Industry pain points
    High farming cost, low production process efficiency and net profit
  • Solution
    The three core modules of Shennong Brain, Shennong System, and Shennong IoT System are used to form the Jingqishen customized integrated solution
  • Realized Value
    Effectively improve the level of intelligent management, optimize the production process, shorten the time to market, and improve economic efficiency