Intelligent Cattle Farming Solution

Through Intelligent Cattle Collar, Intelligent Monitoring Stations, Intelligent spray systems, visual recognition and other technologies, it can solve the data island phenomenon of the current pasture. It can measure the breeding performance and visual estimate weight of cattle and sheep, as well as hoof disease and medicated bath monitoring. Our products could accurately cool cattle, timely report disease warning, and also could analyze the movement behavior and trajectory of cattle and sheep, timely monitor estrus and report disease warning. The farming risk will be lower and the production efficiency will be improved.

Product Solutions
  • Intelligent Collar
  • Intelligent Mon-
    itoring Station
  • Real-time Moni-
    toring Network
  • Intelligent Spray
The model A collar is suitable for centralized farming, quickly and accurately determine the identity of cattle, and file in system. Record the daily exercise of individual cattle in detail. Intelligent collar will receive and respond to farmers’ instructions. It is dedicated to improve the efficiency of farm management
Each collar has a unique RFID tag, and the cattle are identified by a reader, which can be compatible with milking equipment of all milk brands
Movement Analysis
Analyzes the posture, movements and other information of cattle through various sensors to achieve accurate judgment of abnormality such as estrus
Reverse Cattle Searching
When the cattle number is specified through the mobile terminal, the collar light will blink, which solves the difficulty to find the target cattle and perform daily operations for staffs
Intelligent Monitoring Station
Using machine vision technology and artificial intelligence cameras to extract cattle image information in the cattle entry and exit channels, through digital processing and big data analysis and calculation, real-time monitoring of cattle weight changes, body condition changes, limb and foot health, and medicated bath conditions is data basis for ranch production management decisions
Intelligent Gait Assessment
Collect image data of cattle walking state, and intelligently assess gait of cattle
Intelligent Visual Weight Estimation
Combining the cattle image information collected by the AI camera with the AI weight estimation algorithm
Cattle face and back recognition
Intelligent recognition of cattle's facial features and back patterns through AI camera, fast and accurately identifies cattle’s identity
Real-time Monitoring Network
All-round deployment of 24 hours intelligent monitoring of cattle and environmental conditions in the enclosure, it can timely send abnormal warnings and task instructions to workers, and intelligently driving IoT equipment
Cattle monitoring
Monitor estrus or disease behaviors such as cattle crawling and lying on the ground, then lock abnormal cattle, and send corresponding task instructions to staff
Environmental monitoring
Detect the environment of the enclosure through temperature and humidity sensors, and automatically control the roller shutter, fan, sprayer and other equipment
Vehicle and person records
Automatically identify vehicles and person when they entering the field, record operation time and frequency, and efficiency of farm management will be improved
Surplus Food Monitoring
Intelligent analysis of the remaining food in the trough, timely warning of abnormal appearance such as empty troughs, could reduce staff inspection costs
Intelligent Spray
Use machine vision technology to extract cattle image information, use digital processing and big data analysis calculations to position and correct the fields in the picture, and use deep learning technology to build a classification convolution network to determine whether cattle are being collected in each field. Feeding, accurately identify cows and perform precise one-on-one spraying to reduce the impact of heat stress on cows under high temperature conditions
Intelligent Environmental Monitoring
The THI index is linked to transmit and process data through the JD self-developed IoT platform. When the temperature and humidity index of the housing reaches the spraying standard and cattle are present in position, the spraying system is automatically started, and adjusted frequency according to the different temperature and humidity indexes. Thus, the spraying system can alleviate different degrees of heat stress in cattle
Intelligent Visual Recognition
JD's self-developed artificial intelligence camera integrates the professional algorithm of animal husbandry and high-speed algorithm calculation engine, it uses machine vision technology to accurately determine whether there are cattle under the head of the fence in real time
Intelligent Precision Spray
The system can accurately identify cattle when the cattle are in the position of fence (the position that allows one cattle’s head out only). And when the temperature and humidity index reaches a certain level, the spray system is turned on to perform one-on-one precise spraying for the cattle
Customer Cases
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  • Industry pain points
    High farming cost, difficult to manage, low milk quality
  • Solution
    Evaluate various indexes of cattle through AI algorithm, and automatically drive IoT equipments to manage farm
  • Realized Value
    Significantly reduce labor costs, improve farm management and farm production, improve milk production and quality