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JD Agri-husbandry is a company experienced in AI and its industry, and incubated within JD Digits. In the field of artificial intelligence such as image recognition, voice recognition, machine learning, and field of hardware equipment, agriculture and animal husbandry and other fields have made efforts. Now it has cooperated with customers in various fields such as finance, logistics and large-scale farming enterprises.

Cooperation Channel

JD Agri-Husbandry Cooperation Invitation

2019 / 10 / 10

JD Agri-husbandry provides construction design solutions of production workshops, customized services such as renovation and upgrading of old farms for farming enterprises. The three core modules of the artificial intelligence brain, the IoT robot, and the intelligent farming management system are used to form an integrated solution, which saves labor costs, improves production efficiency, reduces resource waste, and expands new sales channels, and solves financing difficulties for farming enterprises; In the end, the enterprise can optimize the breeding process and improve the farming management level, thereby rapidly expanding the production scale. Currently, the business areas we have been covering consist of intelligent pig-raising, intelligent cattle-farming, intelligent sheep-farming, intelligent poultry and intelligent aquaculture. Meanwhile, we are building a sales platform for live agricultural and livestock products, a digital agricultural IoT platform, a farming big data platform, and cooperating with JD Mall, JD Cloud, JD Logistics, etc. All of them are intended to energize all parts of the industrial chain, which are the milestones for to entering the agricultural field.

Jingdong Agri-husbandry has opened the door to a new generation of intelligent farming. It uses AI brain farming, robot operation, non-contact individual identification, non-contact body weight measurement, non-contact body conditions measurement and other pioneering technologies to promote the development of digital agriculture. There are 19 national invention patents related to farming, and dozens of patents related to computer technology. Saves feed cost 8% to 10%, labor cost 30% to 50%, and can help companies to conduct genetic breeding research, leapfrogging the level of aquaculture production. It has been highly recognized by leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and widely praised by farming enterprises from leaders to production staff.

JD Agri-husbandry is backed by With its platform resources, technical capabilities and brand effects, it is committed to connecting multiple internal ecology, such as JD Fresh Food, Rural Finance, JD City, JD Cloud, JD Insurance, and New Channel Business Unit, etc. A complete agri-husbandry ecosystem that penetrates all parts of the entire industrial chain including production, marketing and sales.

We sincerely invite outstanding companies from all walks of life who are interested in the construction of the agriculture and animal husbandry industry to join our supply chain system. Based on the cooperative concept of " win-win", we hope to create an ecosystem of the agriculture and animal husbandry supply chain with our partners, Work together to deepen the reform of agriculture and animal husbandry and promote the intelligence technology of the industry.

If you are interested in cooperating with JD Agri-husbandry, please complete the "Suppliers Basic Information Survey" and send it to